Proven AI scheduling and automation seamlessly integrated with Workday

Increase resource utilization and profitability

Uncover hidden revenue opportunities

Rely on your forecasting and management data

Handle complexity and disruption with ease

Optimize supply and demand matching

Retain the best people and clients

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Why Dayshape alongside Workday?

As the landscape of resource management evolves, businesses need better connection and visibility across financial performance, capacity planning, utilization trends, skills and job matching to drive growth and performance.

Built to manage scale and complexity

  • When staffing in Workday alone, you may struggle to effectively manage large resource pools, complex project and skills requirements, and disruption to plans. This pain is amplified in the context of frequent operational changes and expansion
  • Firms dealing with this complexity need integrated solutions to manage skills, utilization, and margins. Workday has selected Dayshape as a specialist partner to solve these crucial challenges.

Unified processes

  • When it comes to large scale or cross-functional projects, organizations need intelligent automation and a joined-up approach, which is where Dayshape steps in.
  • Dayshape resource matching and scheduling fits seamlessly into your quote-to-cash Workday process.

Packaged integration benefits

  • Seamless integration of industry-leading functionalities
  • Standardized, pre-built integrations bypass expensive set-ups
  • Reduce implementation and maintenance effort and cost
  • Unlock power and strategically apply your projects, talent, and HCM data
  • Optimize your investment in both solutions with faster time to value

Transformative value of Dayshape

Transformative value of Dayshape

Optimal, big picture supply and demand matching

For the best outcomes, you need to assign work with the big picture in mind. Allocate the right work to the right person, across entire projects and teams, all at once, using as much or as little automation as you like.

Proven AI scheduling engine and automation

Dayshape pioneered the application of AI for staffing. Our unique combinatorial optimization AI effectively suggests or allocates work; optimizing for staff retention, client outcomes, and profitability.

Unified view of utilization and suitability to aid resourcing

Transform staffing from a siloed, reactive function into a proactive, strategic advantage. The “one-organization” approach provides firm-wide visibility of capacity regardless of how centralized your staffing model is.

Staff projects alongside live actuals and budget data

People are your main cost and revenue generator, so staffing decisions should be made with real-time visibility of financial impact. It just makes sense.

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