Dayshape for resource managers

The life of a resourcing professional is tough. Meeting client, firm, employee, and stakeholder needs can be stressful, time-consuming, and always ends in compromise. Balancing utilization, resource requests, data analysis, and people’s preferences is a fine juggling act. And when your tools aren’t fit for the job, something has to give.

But what if we told you we could make your life easier?

Make the right decisions for the right reasons, fast

Resource managers juggle inevitable challenging situations. It comes with the job. Dayshape makes it easy to make the right decisions and resolve the conflicts that arise.

  • Match the right people, quickly using dynamic Gantt views, detailed availability reports, and intelligent suitability scoring
  • Build strong relationships with practitioners and leadership by resourcing with assistance from fair and non-biased software
  • Focus your time where it matters by automating “no brainer” staffing decisions and quickly surfacing the more complex scenarios
  • Maintain visibility across the whole resourcing process with flexible automation tools

Uncover hidden resources and new opportunities

Getting the best outcome for your firm and its people can be achieved through holistic resourcing. Dayshape provides firm-wide visibility and swift access to talent so you can solve shortages, maximise utilization, and get the best people on the job.

  • Improve utilization, time-to-staff, and quality by planning across all engagements rather than project-by-project
  • Mitigate talent shortages by easily identifying and requesting suitable resources from other teams, locations, and service lines
  • Provide staff with additional development opportunities, exposing them to new business areas, industries, and projects

Proactively monitor utilization, supply, and demand

Unhappy staff and burnt-out teams deliver sub-optimal work to clients. Dayshape’s real-time utilization rates and reports help you find the right balance for the firm and its people.

  • Maintain your people and firm profitability with configurable utilisation alerts
  • Retain top talent by reducing burnout and allocating work objectively
  • Strategically advise recruitment by rapidly identifying capacity issues and skills gaps with utilization reports

Maintain in-flight projects efficiently 

The best resource managers always expect the unexpected! Dayshape makes it easy to maintain performance, whatever the day throws at you.

  • Factor financial performance into your decisions with live engagement economics 
  • Adapt to last-minute schedule changes and quickly resolve clashes with filters and automated solves 
  • Weather turbulent environments with in-flight scheduling tools and proactive foresight with advanced reporting 

Break free from manual reporting and spreadsheets

Creating reports manually from various spreadsheets and systems is time-consuming. With Dayshape, you can build reports on anything and everything, and have those people, project and financial insights on hand, whenever you need them.

  • No more jumping between systems and spreadsheets! Bring all project and people information together for a single source of truth
  • Save time spent on manual reporting by configuring reports and drilling into the information you need, fast. Knowledge is power!
  • Use your data as you need it. View reports in Dayshape or export into a data visualisation tool, like PowerBI

From reactive to strategic resource management

People are the main asset (and expense) of a firm. The best resource managers recognise this and aspire for resource management to be a catalyst for performance, increased efficiencies, optimized workforce allocation, and better client and employee experience.

However, this takes more than moving people around to fill gaps in a schedule. Dayshape connects your staff and your clients in service of your firm’s, your clients’, and your people’s goals, helping you to transform resource management into a mature, strategic function.

See Dayshape in action