Dayshape for firm leaders

It truly never stops for firm leaders. You are juggling risk management, profitable growth, and people retention against a backdrop of increasing competition, regulation, and talent scarcity.

But what if we told you we could make your life a whole lot easier?

Transform the firm for growth

Resource management isn’t just about scheduling. Done right, it benefits the entire firm by driving profit, client satisfaction, and retention. However, you need technology to support this evolution and maturity. 

Dayshape’s intelligent software optimizes your workforce to support your firm’s goals.  

  • Empower managers with the strong capacity planning tools to ensure projects are initiated and resourced effectively 
  • Achieve optimal delivery by ensuring the right talent is assigned to work, at the right time, for the right reason
  • Budget with consistency and control, using automated workflows to streamline the approval process

Drive optimal firm profitability

Are you confident that all your engagements are as profitable as they could be? That all staff are fully utilized?  

Use real-time, in-flight project economics, deep reporting, and configurable dashboards to monitor all aspects of operational health.

  • Mitigate financial risks and optimise profitability and utilization with in-flight performance metrics and alerts in real-time, for the first time 
  • Enable teams to make staffing decisions with visibility of the financial impact of those choices
  • Effectively manage governance and strategy by focusing on the information that matters with personalized dashboards and reports
  • Plan and forecast with confidence by reporting on anything and everything

Surface critical insights to make better decisions

You need to be at the top of your game. This means having accurate, real-time project information at your fingertips. However, your ability to make fact-based decisions is hindered when your software doesn’t give you the data you need. 

Dayshape enables you to make better decisions based on the right information, at the right time. 

  • Deliver strong leadership with comprehensive reporting metrics and valuable insights 
  • Gain instant snapshots of project health with real-time insights into profitability and performance against forecast 
  • Act fast when performance metric breaches occur with configurable, automated alerts 

Retain and nurture your top talent

The success of professional services firms rests on the expertise of their people. Retaining your top performers means preventing burnout, giving them the tools to succeed, and developing their careers.

Do this by balancing utilization, assigning work based on skills and development needs (not favoritism!), and exposing junior staff to opportunities. 

  • Get accurate, timely forecasts of capacity, hiring, and contingent sourcing needs
  • Contribute to fulfilling careers by aligning people’s skills and preferences to the work assigned to them 
  • Empower your teams by giving them a say in the work they do with self-serve assignment 

Have total confidence in your risk management processes

With a constantly evolving global regulatory landscape, it is critical that a firm keeps up to date with its compliance obligations. The repercussions of neglecting quality management can be devastating.

Dayshape enhances your firm’s overall risk monitoring and governance processes, allowing you to adapt to changes.

  • Monitor, automate, and mandate your firm’s quality standards across engagements
  • Ensure adequate partner coverage, and people with the right skills, on critical or specialized projects
  • Feel safe in the knowledge that your people, clients, and firm data are protected with Dayshape’s rigorous security and data protection measures

From reactive to strategic resource management

People are the main asset (and expense) of a firm. The best resource managers recognise this and aspire for resource management to be a catalyst for performance, increased efficiencies, optimized workforce allocation, and better client and employee experience.

However, this takes more than moving people around to fill gaps in a schedule. Dayshape connects your staff and your clients in service of your firm’s, your clients’, and your people’s goals, helping you to transform resource management into a mature, strategic function.

See Dayshape in action