Resource scheduling harmony

Top performing firms need top performing engagement teams – skilfully balancing client and talent needs with profits.

It takes much more than, “AI-powered resource matching” to find that balance. Unlike others, our AI takes suitability matching up a level to provide the best possible work allocations across projects. Dayshape assesses all possible outcomes on the plan, surfacing the best possible suggestions so you can rapidly deploy resources optimally and achieve your big-picture goals.

Balance large and complex requirements, tick off all of your priorities with ease, and bring peace to the chaotic life of the resource manager.

Work smarter, not harder

Put down the spreadsheet and throw out the clunky solution!

Instead of tackling requests one by one and settling for less than perfect results, use our AI engine to quickly process thousands of unallocated jobs. It provides optimal resourcing outcomes which balance your priorities; such as utilization, skills, and profitability.

Your AI co-worker

There’s nothing robotic about our AI. We’ve built an intuitive user experience to work in harmony with you.

Seamlessly flow between the type of AI support you need, when you need it, and work with full transparency. Review recommendations and clearly understand the reasoning. Accept perfect suggestions with a single click, and apply judgement and expert negotiation skills to solve trickier trade-offs. Stay in full control throughout the whole resourcing process.

Big picture, little stress

We don’t like to brag, but our AI is rather clever and processes the bigger picture in a way that our human brains can’t. It’s ineffective and inefficient to try and manually solve complicated resource challenges, like limited capacity, utilization, or time pressures.

Dayshape’s sheer processing power, looking firm-wide at every outcome, provides the best resource suggestions possible, so you can get the optimal resourcing result – minus the headache.

So how does Dayshape do it all?

Dayshape is designed to fully maximize the efficiency potential that AI has to bring. We’ve built AI value from our optimised resource matching engine, Assist up to our next-level AI-powered resource management, Advise; the only AI-powered big-picture scheduling engine.

Advise doesn’t match resources to work one by one, it can make resourcing suggestions across multiple engagements all at once, considering the entire workforce if you want it to. You can confidently assess and apply those suggestions – removing hours of manual effort and optimizing work allocations.

Watch this short demo to see how Dayshape can make resource management your new strategic advantage.

Assist: The matchmaker

  • Manage and apply skills, qualifications, and talent preferences
  • Match the right person to the right work using our suitability scoring system, defined by your unique needs and objectives
  • Firm-wide availability and utilisation views so you can factor utilization into allocation decisions and spot issues, quickly

Advise: The allocation pro

  • Optimally match and allocate hundreds of jobs and workers in seconds. Simply select the work you want and ask Advise to schedule – it works its magic across 6 jobs, or 600 – no task is too big!
  • Spend less time finding the right puzzle pieces and more time polishing the completed, optimised plan
  • Resource manager approved UX; reviewing and applying allocations to the plan is transparent and easy
  • Rapid insight into where capacity issues are to aid trickier, internal negotiations

Our AI doesn’t just solve maths problems

Your resource management function underpins your firm’s key priorities. You need it to align to every objective, but it’s not always easy.

Talent shortages, client expectations, siloed systems, inefficient tools and time restrictions create a simmering pot of issues that can stand in the way of you achieving your goals. 

But thankfully, Dayshape AI does more than just solve complex calculations, it transforms resource management into a central efficiency hub, taking the pain of these issues away, so your firm can lead the way.

Try a new way of resource scheduling

Connections that power your resource management

Our integrations allow us to use your real-time data to optimize scheduling in Dayshape.

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