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Dayshape is an AI-powered planning and scheduling platform, built from the ground-up for professional services firms. We created Dayshape to help you maintain an optimal workforce and to ensure it supports your mission: profitability and growth, outstanding client service, and fulfilling careers for your people.

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Profitability and growth

  • Maximise profitability with automated project controls and real-time economics.
  • Set the performance parameters in which your engagements should operate.
  • Activate alerts to bring poor-performing engagements to your attention.
  • Create approval workflows to ensure the right people review before budgets are approved.

Outstanding client service

  • Spot issues before they arise to deliver proactive client service.
  • Resource management software powered by artificial intelligence is your strategic asset for capacity planning.
  • Scan your entire workforce in seconds to find the best people for the job.
  • Adapt almost immediately to any disruptions to keep engagements on track and within budget.

Rewarding and fulfilling careers

  • User-friendly and intuitive modern technology is proven to increase employee engagement and productivity.
  • Take stock of your workforce’s expansive skills, qualifications, specialisms, and job preferences.
  • Use the vast knowledge available to assign work based on career goals and aspirations.
  • Offer a more transparent, centralised, and objective approach to resource planning.
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“The introduction of Dayshape will result in a more robust and accurate budgeting process for the firm, which in turn leads to increased time efficiency and deployment of our people.”

Sarah Kirkman
Recruitment and Resourcing Lead at Moore Kingston Smith

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“Dayshape coordinates what should be happening and when, giving us a joined-up view of our workload and resources. This lets us focus on continuous growth and improving our quality of service.”

Bartosz Krajewski
Senior Manager, PwC SDC, Poland

Dayshape optimises your end-to-end engagement planning process


Trust a solution used by more than 30,000 professionals all over the world


Create and maintain an optimised workforce by assessing over 50,000 scheduling options every second

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Seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack, eliminate duplicate effort, and produce reports you can rely on.


Configure workflows to build multi-stage approvals, or make them simple and create new jobs in an instant.

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