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Your new strategic advantage

Dayshape is an AI-powered planning and scheduling platform, built from the ground-up for professional services firms. We created Dayshape to help you maintain an optimal workforce and to ensure it supports your mission: profitability and growth, outstanding client service, and fulfilling careers for your people.


Profitability & growth

  • Maximize profitability with automated project controls and real-time economics.

  • Set the performance parameters in which your engagements should operate.

  • Activate alerts to bring poor-performing engagements to your attention.

Outstanding client service

  • Spot issues before they arise to deliver proactive client service.

  • Resource management software powered by AI is your strategic asset for capacity planning.

  • Scan your entire workforce in seconds to find the best people for the job.


Rewarding and fulfilling careers

  • User-friendly and intuitive modern technology is proven to increase employee engagement and productivity.

  • Take stock of your workforce’s expansive skills, qualifications, specialisms, and job preferences.

  • Use the vast knowledge available to assign work based on career goals and aspirations.

We’ve partnered with Workday to build a joint solution

Combining a world-class ERP platform with a market-leading resource management solution, our joint solution unlocks greater levels of efficiency and profitability for professional services firms. 

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Resource management maturity

Resource management is much more than moving people around to fill gaps in a schedule. Maturing your resource management is the overarching strategy that will unlock growth by providing increased efficiencies, optimized workforce allocation, and better client and employee experiences.

Dayshape optimizes your end-to-end engagement planning process


Annual users




Scheduling options assessed per second



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Dedicated customer success and support teams to ensure you get value from Dayshape at every stage.

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Integrate with Dayshape

Dayshape is designed to integrate with your existing tech stack. We make this process painless using Dayshape’s Integration Service which allows our team to easily set up integrations with your systems and preferred method of data extraction.

Projects and finance

Connect your ERP, PSA, CRM, Practice Management Software (PMS), and finance software to accurately plan and price more profitable engagements.

HR and skills

Pull in your HR and skills database to populate your resource pool. Sync unavailabilities to inform scheduling decisions and capacity planning.

Time tracking

Use timesheet data to compare resource time billed vs. budgeted. Analyse in-flight projects and correct in real time.

How to plan more profitable engagements with Dayshape

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