Firm-wide optimisation, in your hands

Optimised resource management is key to navigating disruption, retaining and maximising talent, and increasing profitability.

Our market-leading AI engine works alongside you to handle complex resource requirements from across the firm, putting the power of total workforce optimisation in your hands.


Switch between AI modes that flex around ever-evolving needs and complexities


Supersede outdated scheduling methods to embrace new approaches that drive success


Resource optimally at scale; improve efficiencies, empower and retain talent, and increase profitability

How AI transforms your resource management

How AI transforms your resource management

Efficiency and control

Our AI is built to optimise, not replace decision making. Review, accept, or reject AI suggestions seamlessly, whilst working on the plan.

Match talent from across your firm

Effortlessly build fully optimised, cross-functional teams to deliver engagements.

Intelligent optimisation, defined by you

Locate the right people with the right skills, at the right time, for the right reason; configurable AI which factors talent preferences, utilisation, and margin targets.

Rapidly deploy

Dayshape does more than just recommend optimal resource, with AI-powered scheduling built into resource and engagement view, for efficient, streamlined, and intelligent scheduling.

Adapt to your needs

Seamlessly transition between AI levels on the Gantt to adapt around day-to-day resourcing needs to empower resource managers with AI that works for them.

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Increase efficiencies with adaptable AI levels

Dayshape offers two AI levels for you to seamlessly switch between as required:


Quickly identify the most suitable resources for your engagements


Efficiently schedule engagements at scale whilst avoiding clashes


  • Provides a suitability score for each resource based on configurable criteria such as availability, grade, location, or skills
  • Driven by data with decisions made by resource managers
  • Centralises fragmented data from across the business
  • Configurable to you; scoring is based on your unique business objectives


  • Optimally match and deploy talent in a matter of seconds
  • Decide whether to approve or reject automated allocation, leaving the final resourcing decision to you
  • Ideal for graduate intake or pre-budget bulk resourcing
  • Quickly adapt plans when experiencing disruption
  • Holistic allocation across the resource pool prevents scheduling clashes and complexity
  • Alleviates firefighting to enable resource managers to work more strategically
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Connections that power your resource management

Our integrations allow us to use your real-time data to optimise scheduling in Dayshape.

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Not all AI is built the same

There are many different types of AI, and they are often built with certain purposes in mind. For instance, machine learning and generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT) are forms of black box AI which provide quick results to specific learnings/commands but provide little to no indication of how that result was reached. In these forms, there is justifiable concern for AI-related risks around data transparency, privacy, and security. 

In contrast, Dayshape’s AI scheduling is built on a combinatorial optimisation model which provides clear reasoning behind AI-powered suggestions to enable informed, data-driven resourcing decisions.

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