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Yes Dayshape can help firms to ensure that the appropriate resources, competences and capabilities are assigned to each engagement. Dayshape can also support the assessment and monitoring of the resources used to perform engagements on an ongoing basis.

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Human Resources
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Technical Resources

Intellectual Resources
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Service Providers
Information and communication
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Yes Dayshape’s reporting functionality provides greater visibility of key performance metrics and supports the continual flow of relevant and reliable information within the firm and across engagement teams.

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Acceptance and continuance
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Yes Dayshape’s AI-powered planning software has several features that support and inform judgements about whether the firm should accept or continue an engagement.

Weighing up the resources, expertise, and capacity necessary, with those that are available at any given time, the software highlights where there are critical matches or gaps.

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automated alerts and quality controls.
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Engagement performance
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Yes Dayshape is designed to allow firms to closely track the progress and performance of their engagements, while ensuring that the right level of skills, competencies and experience are allocated to the engagement consistently and at each stage.

By empowering different users at different levels with the performance data they need, the software supports a collective responsibility for maintaining quality.

Track and deliver engagement performance with real-timeengagement economics.
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Monitoring and remediation
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Yes Dayshape provides a framework for evaluating findings and identifying deficiencies within the system of quality management (SOQM) by providing features such as full audit trails, and proactive monitoring.

This centralised monitoring and reporting, brings all of the data points together, providing firms the insight and flexibility they need to maintain a robust SOQM.

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Risk assessment
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Governance and leadership
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Ethical requirements
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