Dayshape for engagement leaders

Engagement leaders carry a lot of responsibility. It is a balancing act of managing project budgets, utilization, and client satisfaction, as well as rolling-up your sleeves on the work itself. It truly takes great skill to keep both clients and delivery teams happy while maximizing profitability. 

But what if we told you we could help you manage this pressure and achieve success for everyone?

Build profitable engagements with quality, control, and consistency

From building out engagements to keeping track of their health, Dayshape gives you the control and efficiency to maximize margins.

  • Drive quality and consistency when building and approving budgets with the help of automated project controls 
  • Ensure optimal engagement delivery, at the right fee, by finetuning the exact skills and traits you need
  • Plan and price efficiently; the project budget updates dynamically as you build out resource requests (on the same screen!)
  • Maintain consistency and continuity by efficiently rolling forward recurring engagements in bulk

Deliver successful engagements and keep clients happy 

It’s hard enough being the mediator between the firm, delivery teams, and clients, but you’re also responsible for managing projects through strong leadership and business acumen.

With Dayshape helping you to run successful projects, you’ll soon progress to partner.

  • Make staffing decisions with full visibility of the financial impact 
  • Act quickly with configurable alerts for utilization, margin, recovery, and other performance metrics 
  • Things change. Collaborate with resourcing teams to adapt plans and protect performance using firm-wide views of suitable resources 
  • Stay on the ball with integrated, real-time billed vs budget data 

Achieve utilization targets

In addition to managing projects, teams, and budgets, you are also focused on meeting the firm’s utilization targets.

Dayshape equips you with the visibility and flexibility you need to succeed.

  • Prove your value to the firm by optimizing your utilization and reporting on your delivery to target 
  • Work more efficiently with a flexible and easy-to-use Gantt, as well as configurable dashboards 
  • Avoid unnecessary benching and find the right people to support your engagements, at the right time 
  • Keep your schedule manageable by adding your own non-chargeable time 

Retain and nurture your firm’s top talent

People are the heart of your firm and are key to your success. You need everyone to feel and to be performing at their best.

Dayshape helps you keep valuable delivery staff happy by empowering them to excel in their careers and deliver unrivalled service to clients.

  • Prevent under or overutilization of your resources with accurate utilization metrics and heatmaps
  • Develop careers and prevent burnout by aligning work to skills, career goals, and utilization  
  • Give staff the clarity they need around project delivery expectations 
  • Make time to line manage, mentor, and build relationships with junior staff 

From reactive to strategic resource management

People are the main asset (and expense) of a firm. The best resource managers recognise this and aspire for resource management to be a catalyst for performance, increased efficiencies, optimized workforce allocation, and better client and employee experience.

However, this takes more than moving people around to fill gaps in a schedule. Dayshape connects your staff and your clients in service of your firm’s, your clients’, and your people’s goals, helping you to transform resource management into a mature, strategic function.

See Dayshape in action