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Hosted by Dayshape, in collaboration with Boomer Consulting, Inc. and Pinion.

Watch Dayshape’s panel discussion with renowned accounting industry experts Jim Boomer of Boomer Consulting, and Resource Management Leader at Pinion (was K-Coe), Allison Hovey.

You’ll gain insight into resource management maturity stages, discover where your firm stands today, and uncover the benefits of levelling up. Allison and Jim will share successful strategies and valuable lessons, exploring:

  • Building the right team and retaining talent
  • Balancing utilization and burnout to address labor shortages
  • Implementing technology such as Dayshape to support resource management maturity
  • Managing change during resource management transformation
  • Aligning resource management with organizational strategy
  • Transforming resource management from administrative to strategic

Discover the five stages of our resource management maturity model.

Meet our speakers

Jim Boomer

Shareholder and CEO of Boomer Consulting, Inc.

Allison Hovey

Resource Management Leader at Pinion

Lindsay Lovell

Lindsay Lovell

Head of Marketing at Dayshape

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