Automation, with you in control

Activate the level of autonomous planning which suits your business, now and in the future.

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Dayshape suggests the best people for the job, and you make the final decision

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On Demand

Dayshape produces fully optimised plans at your request

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Dayshape ensures optimal project plans at all times, and you intervene whenever needed to adjust

People planning

People planning

Best match

Get your best people on it with assisted and fully automated scheduling, ensuring that skills, availability, location, and all of your key criteria are accounted for when assigning engagements.

Centralised resourcing

Expand thinking beyond local practitioner assignment. Drive optimal delivery by looking at your firm nationwide or globally. Understand future headcount requirements with in-depth reporting of predicted surplus or shortfall versus demand.

Clash resolution

Filter to show clashes and use assisted scheduling to speed up the resolution process.

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Engagement management

Engagement management

Full lifecycle management

Create your engagement plan, manage budget approvals, track changes and monitor progress, all in one place. Alerts and notifications are configurable, and can be triggered by being off target burndown, likely to miss recovery rate, and more.



Connect with existing software to minimise duplicate data entry, eliminate wasted effort, and make informed decisions faster.

Live economics

Real-time financial data for key measures, such as budget vs actuals, cost to complete, margin and recovery rate.

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Configurable approval workflows

Ensure budgets are reviewed by the right people, with configurable approval processes that can be as simple or sophisticated as your business requires. Also ensure enforcement of independence restrictions and accreditation compliance.

Automated project controls

Dayshape monitors and flags up engagements that might need attention, for example where target profitability levels are being missed. Have timely billing discussions with clients thanks to real-time tracking of project performance, with advance notice of potential overruns.

Continuous improvement

Full audit trail available for every engagement, allowing the project to be “rewound” to any time in the past, and facilitating continuous improvement of decisions.

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