Bring artificial intelligence to your resource planning

We know automation can be a little daunting. That’s why Dayshape offers three levels of scheduling automation, allowing you to adopt at your own pace:


Select resources to assign based on how well they match the job, using criteria such as availability, grade, location, skills, etc.


Let automation do the heavy lifting and simply accept, reject, or adjust the proposed workforce plan


Enable fully automated resource planning to ensure you have the most optimal workforce deployed at all times

Resource planning

Resource planning

Best match

Identify and deploy the best people for the job, ensuring that skills, qualifications, availability, location, and all of your key criteria are accounted for when assigning resources.

Capacity planning

Expand thinking beyond local resource assignment and drive efficiencies by looking at your firm nationwide or globally. Plan future capacity and identify skills shortages using in-depth reporting to understand current and future demand.

Clash resolution

Use automated resource scheduling to speed up the process of resolving clashes, or prevent them from ever happening in the first place!

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Engagement management

Engagement management

Everything in one place

Create your resource plan, manage budget approvals, and monitor progress all within your resource management system. Integrate with existing systems to produce MI to drive value from your client base.

Alerts and notifications

Focus on what needs your attention most. Rely on email alerts and in-system notifications to address and resolve the issues taking engagements off-plan.

Live economics

Immediately see the impact any resource changes have on your budget, monitor actuals in real-time and make changes to prevent reduced margins and potential overruns.

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Efficiencies and optimisation

Efficiencies and optimisation

Streamlined workflows

Make it easy for the right people to review and approve team compositions and budgets, and prevent approval unless minimum standards or the correct steps are followed. Automatically highlight live engagements that aren’t performing as they should and trigger a mid-project review.

Automated project controls

Rely on Dayshape to maintain your firm’s quality, financial, and governance standards. If minimum target margin or revenue per hour is specified, engagements can’t be approved until the budget looks right.

Review and learn

Full audit trail available for every engagement, which allows the project to be “rewound” to any time in the past, facilitating further analysis and continuous improvement.

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