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Demand for resource managers is rising, which means the competition to attract and retain the best talent has also accelerated. Having the right tools to support and enable skilled and forward-thinking resource managers is therefore essential, as is your business’s need to adopt modern resource management practices.

Learn how the right resource management tool can empower your people and business alike as we consider how leading firms are using automation to deliver more strategic impact.

We’ll also share practical steps to help your firm build trust in automation and embrace efficiencies.

Presented by

Richard Cassidy

Richard Cassidy

Dayshape, CCO

Richard Cassidy is CCO at Dayshape, an award-winning enterprise software company founded in Edinburgh. As a seasoned enterprise software specialist, Richard has advised some of the world’s largest organisations and is passionate about enabling the adoption of transformational technology.

About Dayshape

Dayshape is an AI-powered planning and scheduling platform developed specifically for accountancy firms. With over 30,000 global users across 20 countries, including two of the Big Four, Dayshape is leading the way in resource and engagement management software innovation.

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