Bring AI to your resource planning software

We know automation can be a little daunting. That’s why Dayshape offers three levels of scheduling automation, allowing you to adopt at your own pace:


Select resources to assign based on how well they match the job, using criteria such as availability, grade, location, skills, etc.


Let automation do the heavy lifting and simply accept, reject, or adjust the proposed workforce plan


Enable fully automated resource planning to ensure you have the most optimal workforce deployed at all times

Maximize the potential of your teams

  • Champion career development
  • Retain your best performers
  • Make people-centric, objective decisions
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Remove the noise from scheduling

  • Gain complete visibility of resources
  • Assign resources optimally and maximize utilization
  • Identify and resolve bottlenecks before they occur
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Track engagement performance in real-time

  • Plan and price engagements to maximize profitability
  • Gain a single source of truth for financials
  • Predict and prevent write-offs
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“We’ll utilise skills-based scheduling, work preferences and data-led decision making to deliver for our clients but also to provide an enhanced, more enjoyable experience for our people.”

Sarah Kirkman
Recruitment and Resourcing Lead, Moore Kingston Smith UK

Tailored data for better decision making

  • Unify your teams with meaningful insights
  • Review, forecast, and analyze with accuracy
  • Stop wasting time data wrangling
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Peace of mind that you’re in control

  • Act with confidence knowing controls are in place
  • Maintain consistent quality standards
  • Eliminate workarounds and streamline processes
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Resource Management Software – Frequently Asked Questions

Resource management software, also known as resource planning or resource scheduling software is a tool used to plan, schedule, and allocate organizational resources. In accounting, resource management software is used to maximize the value and potential of the time and skills of the accounting professionals employed by the firm. Dayshape’s AI-powered resource management software is designed to streamline and automate resource and engagement management practices, helping firms to manage tasks across complex client projects. Read more about resource management software.

For many accountancy firms, resource management software is essential to manage, support, and best utilize the firm’s most valuable asset, their people. Using resource management software, firms can increase the efficiency of resource scheduling and utilization, improve profit margins, and positively impact client and employee satisfaction. Some of the key benefits of Dayshape’s dedicated resource management solution include automated project controls, configurable workflows and the ability to manage resources and engagement financials in real time.

Resource management software is primarily used by resource and engagement managers to plan, budget, allocate, and schedule resources across client projects and tasks. In accounting, another key user would include engagement partners, who are ultimately responsible for budget approval, engagement quality, profitability, and performance. Practitioners would also use resource management software to view and make suggestions to their work schedules.

The most efficient way to measure and optimize your firm’s resource and engagement management practices is to use a powerful resource management software solution. As accountancy firms grow and take on more complex engagements, the number of staff, processes, and decisions to be managed will increase. By streamlining the resource scheduling process and resolving clashes quicker, resource management software can increase efficiency, save valuable time, and allow teams to focus on more strategic tasks.