On demand podcast: Wolf & Company’s journey to centralized resourcing

Hosted by Dayshape, in collaboration with Wolf & Company, and first heard at RMI Connect 2023.

Listen to Kristiann Phelan, RMCP Resource Manager at Wolf & Company outline the firm’s resource management transformation journey.

You’ll gain insight into:

  • Wolf & Company’s lived experience progressing through RMI’s Resource Management Maturity Model from Level 1 to Level 3, and now striving towards Level 4
  • The benefits of centralization
  • How Dayshape supports a maturing resource management function move towards a centralized model

Watch our preview video now to understand Wolf & Company’s experience before and after moving towards centralized resourcing with Dayshape.

Discover the five stages of our resource management maturity model.

Meet our speakers

Kristiann Phelan

RMCP Resource Manager at Wolf & Company

Lindsay Lovell

Lindsay Lovell

Head of Marketing at Dayshape

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