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New Localisation, Workflow, Suggestion, & On-demand automation features

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New release features

We’re excited to announce some of the new features we shipped in our June 2020 release. There are big things to be excited about, like improvements to our on-demand automation, and little things, like configurable colours in our workflows. It’s all about helping our customers get more out of Dayshape for their business.  


Keeping it local with language pack functionality

We’re growing globally, fast. So we’re working to make Dayshape fully localisable. We’ve introduced a simpler and more effective way to add language packs into Dayshape to support this.

Our new functionality also allows customers to hold different locales, enabling us to tailor the language packs to fit your preferred terminology. So whether you call it an engagement, a project, or a giraffe, we’ve got you covered!

Keeping it local – and personal

It’s not just about having the right languages available, it’s also about letting your people personalise Dayshape to get more out of it. So, we’ve added a locale option in user preferences. Your users can now choose from any approved language packs, and see their own version of Dayshape update to their language of choice.


A little more colour in your life

Life’s just a bit brighter when it’s colourful. We’ve learned from our customers that customised colours can really help in visualising workflows. So we’ve now made it easy for you and your users to choose your own workflow button colours. 


We’ve made a bunch of new additions to our Suggestions Mode. Suggestions Mode allows practitioners to suggest changes that a resource manager can review and approve. Traditionally this was done through various (clunky) offline channels. Now that it’s in Dayshape, our customers have a single source of truth. 

And in working with our customers on improvements, they’ve resoundingly requested comments and notifications features. Ta da!

Have your say – Comments

When creating a Suggestion, users can now add a comment that will be visible to the resource manager.

Ditto for resource managers, who can both see the original Suggestion and comment, and when making a scheduling decision add their very own comment.

Notifications – you’re in the know

Our new notifications mean better communication flow between resource managers and practitioners. Scheduling decisions now automatically trigger a notification to all users who’ve created Suggestions against that task.

On-demand automation

Need a little help? Dayshape to the rescue!

Dayshape’s On-demand automation runs through all the potential assignment options and finds the best location to create a Suggestion for Assignment based on your company automation rules. It does this in seconds before populating the Gantt with Suggestions for the resource manager to review and approve.

Make some changes and try again

In this release, when you’ve run the automation and received the Suggestions back, you can take those Suggestions and move them around on the Gantt to a position you like better before you accept the changes.

If you make some changes manually, then want Dayshape to have another go at assigning the Unassigned tasks, no problem.  Dayshape will create a new set of Suggestions but respect the manual changes you made and leave those alone.

Tune in next time for more exciting new release features!

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