Moore Kingston Smith selects Dayshape, AI-powered resource management software, as its partner of choice for an innovative implementation project.

Replacing existing, long-standing software and systems can be daunting, time-consuming, costly, and hard to get right. Sarah Kirkman, Recruitment and Resourcing Lead at Moore Kingston Smith, highlights how it can be done successfully at scale within a professional services firm. 

The project:
Replace legacy software with a scalable, future-fit solution

Moore Kingston Smith was previously using a legacy resource management solution and manual processes to schedule people across its Audit and Accounts teams. To support its plans for growth, Moore Kingston Smith recognized the need to invest in an advanced resource management solution which could scale and streamline its processes.

Key goals:

  • Reduce the administrative burden on the resourcing team 
  • Design a robust and accurate budgeting and scheduling process 
  • Gain data-driven insights for strategic decision-making 

The solution:
Dayshape as a trusted software partner and driver of resource management transformation

Having outgrown the current system, Moore Kingston Smith sought a solution that would support the firm’s strategic growth objectives. The software investment would form part of a wider initiative to transform resource management at the firm, driving operational efficiencies, and improving the working experience of their people.

The goal was to use advanced scheduling software to ensure task allocation is both optimal for clients and positive for the firm’s people, reducing selection bias, enhancing skills, and promoting greater inclusion.

With Dayshape we have a solution that is not just fit for now but fit for the future.

The implementation:
A project hinged on two-way communication and close collaboration

The implementation and necessary change management process would represent a significant undertaking for the firm.

Critical to success would be:

  • Choosing the right software partner for the project 
  • Business adoption of new resource management processes 
  • A proactive change management approach 

The impact:
Dayshape transforms resource management function into a strategic powerhouse

Firm-wide adoption of new resource management software

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use, interface, loved by the team
  • Firm-wide accessibility and operational efficiencies
  • Streamlined processes and centralised resource function

We love the interface, it’s a dream to use. It is so easy to create and adjust our resource plans.”

Streamlined scheduling and budgeting processes

  • Firm-wide visibility of overall resource utilization
  • Capacity improvements and ability to forecast resource needs
  • A more accurate and sustainable resourcing model

We can flag utilization issues much earlier in the planning stages and reduce the risk of individuals being overburdened or clashes occurring.

Reporting insights for data-led decision-making

  • More informed and strategic decision-making
  • Robust, accurate, and flexible reporting processes
  • Ability to highlight the need for additional resources

Dayshape provides the insight and evidence we need to challenge people to make more informed resourcing decisions.

Making data-led decisions and analyzing efficiencies is very beneficial.

Investment in well-being and future career development

  • Work aligned to individual preferences and career development goals
  • Promoting employee satisfaction and skills enhancement
  • Best match of people, skills and experience allocated to client projects

We’re looking forward to utilizing skills-based scheduling and work preferences to not only deliver for our clients, but also provide an enhanced, more enjoyable experience for our people here at Moore Kingston Smith.

Would Moore Kingston Smith recommend Dayshape?

“I have recommended Dayshape to another area of our business and previously to colleagues within the Moore Global network.”

Supported by powerful metrics and the right resource management system, Moore Kingston Smith can provide engaging, developmental opportunities for their people, deliver top-quality work for satisfied clients, and empower the resourcing team to make quicker, easier and data-driven decisions.

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