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Duration: 45 min with Q&A

Hosted by Dayshape, in collaboration with Intapp and Johnson Global Accountancy.

With one year to go until the IAASB’s set of new and revised international quality standards come into effect, the audit quality landscape is braced for change globally.

The International Standard on Quality Management (ISQM) 1 is the new standard that deals with quality management at a firm level, and will become mandatory from December 15, 2022.

Through this standard, audit firms are being directed to raise the bar for quality management. Preparation will present challenges for many firms and require bridging gaps across their current knowledge, resources, and capabilities.

Join Dayshape for a panel discussion with experts from Intapp and Johnson Global Accountancy. We’ll consider:

  • – What will ISQM 1 mean for your accounting firm?
  • – What are the key challenges?
  • – How crucial is “tone at the top” for embedding audit quality?
  • – What tools and technology are available?

Meet our speakers

andrew bone

Andrew Bone

Dayshape CEO & Co-Founder

Andrew Bone is the CEO & Co-founder of Dayshape, an award-winning enterprise software company founded in Edinburgh. As a software engineer and former Big Four chartered accountant, Bone has first-hand experience and insight into the challenges of resource management in professional services.

Dayshape is an AI-powered planning and scheduling platform developed specifically for accountancy firms. Dayshape has gone from strength to strength, counting two of the Big Four as customers, with over 15,000 users across ten countries.

Jey Purushotham

Jey Purushotham

Intapp, Practice Group Leader of Risk Solutions

Jey Purushotham is Practice Group Leader of Risk solutions at Intapp. At Intapp, Jey helps firms modernise their acceptance, continuance and independence processes using Intapp’s suite of risk management solutions. Jey spent most of his career at the New York Stock Exchange where he oversaw the Exchange’s risk and compliance programs.

Dane Dowell

Dane Dowell

Director, Johnson Global Accountancy

Dane Dowell is a Director at Johnson Global Accountancy who works with PCAOB-registered accounting firms to help them identify, develop, and implement opportunities to improve audit quality.

With over 12 years of public accounting experience, he spent nearly half of his career at the PCAOB where he conducted inspections of audits and quality control. Dowell has extensive experience in audits of ICFR and has worked closely with attorneys in the PCAOB’s Division of Enforcement and Investigations. Prior to the PCAOB, he worked with asset management clients at PwC in Denver, Singapore, and Washington, DC.

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