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Attract talent and drive business performance with people-inspired resource management

Using a people-inspired approach to resourcing, EY can be strategically positioned to win the race for talent, offer fulfilling careers for their people, and drive business performance.

“The shift to people-centric values is absolutely critical for firms to evolve with their workforce, remain competitive in the market, and establish a successful resource management process.”

Christine Robinson, Resource Management Director, Baker Tilly US

Introducing the Principles of Performance

In latest our insight report, featuring interviews with industry leaders, we identify three guiding principles for a people-inspired resource management approach at EY. We call these the Principles of Performance for resource management.

When EY approaches resourcing with:


To improve visibility, objectivity, and professional skepticism


To build respect, inclusion, and accountability


To increase agility, enthusiasm, and empowerment

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“Firms should make investments in the right technology and systems to support and enable a high performing culture. Without that, teams will continue to be burdened with manual tasks that could be solved via automation.”

Carsten Nielsen, Partner, KPMG Denmark

Resourcing with transparency, integrity, and confidence

Dayshape’s AI-powered, resource and engagement management software enables accountancy firms to accurately and dynamically schedule resource across complex engagements.

Guided by people-centric principles, it matches the right people, with the right skills, to be on the right task at the right time. Built from the ground-up for accountancy firms, Dayshape’s intelligent resource planning and scheduling platform improves people’s working lives, optimises resourcing, and transforms performance like never before.

“Firms should think long-term but act now. The first step is to talk to employees, ask them what they actually need and understand what changes to systems, culture or processes would help to make their lives easier.”

Jeffery Hales, Chair of SASB Standards Board (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) and Professor of Accounting at The University of Texas at Austin
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