Dayshape for practitioners

Being on the front line of client delivery means making a positive impact while developing skills in line with your career aspirations. You’re looking for more agency in your career, but that means you need the data to manage your utilization and your own skills development. When you lack visibility over the information needed to surface opportunities, it becomes difficult to plan and achieve your goals.

But what if we told you we could make your life a whole lot easier?

Maintain efficiency and accuracy to deliver timely, high-quality engagements 

Your primary task is to deliver high-quality engagements, but it isn’t always that straightforward if your firm doesn’t have the software that gives you visibility and flexibility over your work.

Dayshape makes it easy to see your upcoming work, as well as offering you the flexibility to manage your own time.

  • Full visibility and clarity of engagements and client details in one place
  • Prove your value to the firm by optimizing your utilization
  • Improve your efficiency with a flexible and easy-to-use Gantt and configurable dashboards
  • Keep your schedule manageable by adding your own non-chargeable time

Uncover new opportunities with holistic resourcing

We know that you’re ambitious and want to be doing everything you can to develop your career, however your aspirations can fall to the wayside when everyone is focused on project work. 

Dayshape weaves your career aspirations into the work you are completing, ensuring that you are being assigned to work that aligns to your skills and goals.

  • Maintain autonomy by flagging changes needed to your skills data and requesting changes to your schedule
  • Create additional development opportunities by (metaphorically!) raising your hand to work on specific projects
  • Maintain your personal information and skills library to ensure allocated work aligns with your development areas and interests

From reactive to strategic resource management

People are the main asset (and expense) of a firm. The best resource managers recognise this and aspire for resource management to be a catalyst for performance, increased efficiencies, optimized workforce allocation, and better client and employee experience.

However, this takes more than moving people around to fill gaps in a schedule. Dayshape connects your staff and your clients in service of your firm’s, your clients’, and your people’s goals, helping you to transform resource management into a mature, strategic function.

See Dayshape in action