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Dayshape ranked Europe’s 95th fastest growing company in the FT 1000

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Edinburgh, UK, 10th March 2022 – Dayshape, a software company providing AI-powered resource management software to professional services firms, has placed #95 in the FT 1000. Dayshape now ranks as the 24th fastest growing company in the UK, as well as the 24th fastest growing technology company in Europe.

The latest FT 1000 is the sixth annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, and the first time Dayshape has secured a spot. The Financial Times ranking, compiled with Statista, a research company, is populated by the compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2017 and 2020. An in-depth special report about the list will be published by FT-Statista on March 21. Founded in 2013 by Andrew Bone and Dr Alastair Andrew, Dayshape works with some of the biggest professional services firms in the world, including two of the Big Four.

Co-founder and CEO Andrew Bone credits Dayshape’s international expansion, employee experience, and streamlining of the software implementation process to the growth. “We’ve been able to support more mid-tier firms by making our implementation process more efficient, so it’s economically viable to work with smaller customers. What used to take us up to nine months to implement now takes three. This change has helped us acquire new customers all over the world, and to support this growth, we have recently hired in the US and APAC.”

Essential to Dayshape’s growth has been a dedicated focus on employee experience. Bone explains, 5 years ago we had just 6 employees, we now have over 60 and have plans to double that by the end of the year. To grow, we recognise the need to recruit, retain, and invest in the right people, but we also need to take care to maintain our core values and culture as we expand. Everyone in the company has share options, just one of the measures Dayshape has implemented this year to retain staff and give everyone a vested interest in the success of the company.”

On maintaining Dayshape’s growth, Bone explains “The ability to build trust in our technology will be key. People can be uncomfortable with automation, and afraid of the impact it could have on their role in future. We have created functionality that helps build trust with our customers. Rather than expecting users to delegate full control to the system, we give them the option to start small, build trust in the system gradually and progress at a pace that works for them. This trust has been core to our growth, it sets the foundation for strong and long-standing customer relationships.

Bone concludes, “We are all extremely proud of the company and team we have built and the successes we are achieving together for our customers around the globe.”

The full FT 1000 report featuring case studies and analysis will be published in print and online on March 21.

About Dayshape

Dayshape is AI-powered resource management and project planning software, built specifically for professional services firms. Dayshape helps firms deliver on their top priorities: profitability and growth, outstanding client service, and creating fulfilling careers for their people. Through intelligent automation, Dayshape optimises your workforce like no other product can, making it easy to ensure your workforce is deployed optimally at all times, no matter how large or complex the scheduling needs.

With over 50,000 users across 20 countries and four continents, including numerous global top 10 accounting firms, Dayshape is leading the way in resource management software innovation.

Get in touch with our team to explore what AI-powered scheduling can do for your firm.

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