A strategic partnership that achieves your objectives

We recognize the importance of resourcing in professional service firms. As your talent is your most valuable (and expensive) resource, our Customer Success team work with you as strategic partners to optimize and mature your resourcing function. Whilst we take responsibility for the overall success of Dayshape within your organization, we welcome and often action your suggestions on how to enhance our product, now and in the future.

Customer touchpoints

Monthly reports

Monthly customer health reports to understand how Dayshape is measuring up to your success plan criteria.

Release notes

Detailed customer notes provided after every new release (approx. every 6 weeks) so you can easily stay updated.

Discovery sessions

Frequent customer discovery sessions to increase adoption and improve usage of Dayshape throughout the firm.

Quarterly reviews

We work with you to set and achieve goals and targets based on your firm’s objectives by closely monitoring progress at quarterly review meetings.


We welcome and often action suggestions for improvements to existing features or for new features and functionality entirely.

Customer support

Our support team offer comprehensive business hours support in customer timezones and 24/7 support for outages.

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Implementation process

We recognize that every firm is unique with their own business processes. Whilst other vendors may try to shoehorn their solution to fit your processes, Dayshape can be configured to accommodate your nuances.

Dayshape uses a seven sprint approach to implementations (known as Sprint & Shape Up) which combines agile and waterfall project management methodologies with a defined target go-live date.

Each sprint is between two to four weeks and is determined by the size of your project. With seven sprints in total including customer workshops, hypercare, and contingency, Dayshape’s adaptive and thorough implementation process takes a minimum of 16 weeks.

Methods for success

Replacing existing and potentially long-standing software and systems can be daunting, time-consuming, and hard to get right – but it doesn’t have to be. At Dayshape, not only do our teams support your firm continuously, we collaboratively work with your business to make your implementation as seamless as possible – no matter the scale of your project.

First-hand, open, peer-to-peer insight

Where possible, Dayshape will connect you to a firm of a similar size that has previously undergone a Dayshape implementation. This offers a sounding board to gain insights and provide reassurance in our process.

Seamless integrations

Integrating with existing systems to obtain relevant data entities is paramount to ensuring a successful implementation process. Thankfully, Dayshape integrates with a multitude of systems including HR, ERP, PSA, PMS, CRM, finance, and time-tracking software and will work with your firm to use your preferred method of data extraction.

Read more about our integrations.

Two-way, transparent communication and close collaboration

Dayshape provides regular updates and weekly emails to establish a regular flow of transparent communication between project teams to create trust, a shared understanding, and the ability to problem solve together.

Gradual transitions

Dayshape work with your project team to configure your Dayshape set-up at a level that suits you. This helps to build acceptance and buy-in from users at the firm.

Discover our levels of AI scheduling.

Ongoing learning and support

Your firm is assigned a dedicated customer success representative during the implementation phase to ensure the success of the project. Post implementation, this relationship continues to optimize your investment in Dayshape.

Data protection you can trust

Confidence is key when adopting new technologies. Dayshape offers end-to-end security, compliance, and data protection.

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