Resource management maturity model

Resource management maturity is a concept used to understand how efficient and effective your resource management function is at achieving your firm-wide goals.

Taking inspiration from the Resource Management Institute’s Resource Management Maturity Model, we’ve created our own maturity model specific to the accounting industry, where most of our customers operate. Our model considers the key aspects of people and processes, as well as industry-specific software.

The 5 stages of resource management maturity

To provide an indication of how mature a firm is, we’ve created five stages of resource management maturity for firms to map against in our resource management maturity model.

  • Stage 5: Strategic

A strategic business function aligned to organizational goals delivering a substantial competitive advantage to the firm.

  • Stage 4: Centralized

An important business function contributing significant, consistent, and proactive value across the firm.

  • Stage 3: Formalized

An established business function with inconsistent processes and moderate attention on improving efficiencies.

  • Stage 2: Foundational

An operational business function with some consideration of best practices and improving efficiencies.

  • Stage 1: Reactive

An administrative, reactive, and mostly inefficient process or function.

Given that our maturity model considers both your people and processes, and your software, you may find that one is at a higher maturity stage than the other. However, your overall stage will be taken from the lower of the two results as to truly be functioning at a certain maturity stage, we believe all aspects of that stage across people and processes, and software must be fulfilled.


What stage are you now? Find out in just a few minutes!

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The Resource Management Maturity Guide

To best understand how to transform your resource management to achieve higher levels of maturity and reach your firm-wide goals, we’ve created a comprehensive resource management maturity guide.

Our four-step blueprint, included in the guide, will help you to:

  1. Identify and confirm your current stage (guided by our quiz and checklist assessment)
  2. Pick your goal stage (considering benefits and blockers)
  3. Achieve your goal stage (with case study examples) and
  4. Continuously improve your resource management practices.