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Whether referred to as the capacity problem, skills gap, or the war on talent, the issue which has long plagued the accounting profession has a common theme; people, capacity, and the lack thereof.

So why is capacity planning back in the spotlight? Recent industry-wide quality reforms have surfaced fresh concerns around capacity planning and the impact on engagement performance, client satisfaction, and profitability.

Join us to learn how resource management software can solve your capacity planning challenges.

We’ll demo key product features, showing you how Dayshape can help you:

  • Allocate work more efficiently and effectively
  • Report on capacity vs. demand with accuracy
  • Forecast future capacity and identify skill gaps
  • Become more agile to changing demands
  • Benefit from long term capacity planning strategies, and
  • Retain valuable people and skills.

Presented by:

Andrew Bone, former Big Four chartered accountant and CEO of Dayshape, will draw on his experience to explain how inadequate capacity planning negatively impacts your people and clients.

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