The Resource Management Maturity Guide: The blueprint to transform your resource management

Re-thinking resource management

Professional services firms need their people; they are the main asset (and expense) of a firm. While there is much discussion on how to improve internal processes and efficiencies related to how your people are deployed, this is often through the tunnelled lens of only increasing utilization and billable time.

Rethinking resource management is the solution. Resource management is much more than moving people around to fill gaps in a schedule. Resource management is critical in connecting your people and clients together in service of both your firm’s and your clients’ goals.

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Download our transformation guide, inspired by RMI’s Resource Management Maturity Model, to enable your firm to:

– Unlock profitability and growth
– Increase efficiencies
– Optimize workforce allocation, and
– Better client and employee experiences.

Discover the five stages of our resource management maturity model.

Our four-step blueprint, included in the guide, will help you to:

  1. Identify and confirm your current stage (guided by our quiz and checklist assessment)
  2. Pick your goal stage (considering benefits and blockers)
  3. Achieve your goal stage (with case study examples), and
  4. Continuously improve your resource management practices.


Lisa Roen

CEO at People Experience Solutions and former People Experience Director at Crowe

Sarah Kirkman

Recruitment and Resourcing Lead at Moore Kingston Smith

Kristiann Phelan

RMCP Resource Manager at Wolf & Company

Leanne Wilkins

Head of Talent Acquisition and Resourcing at MHA

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