Dayshape, the better alternative to Staff Trak

Today’s increasingly fast-paced professional services world demands the latest technology and automation. Which is why our customers are choosing Dayshape over Staff Trak. Dayshape offers feature-by-feature superiority, advanced AI and reporting, unrestricted integrations, and enhanced UI.

Why our customers chose Dayshape over Staff Trak

1. Continuous development, in partnership with customers

  • New releases every 6 weeks to bring Dayshape innovation and customer-led enhancements to our product.
  • We re-invest a large percentage of our turnover back into our product, annually.
  • We’re ever improving to ensure we can meet our customers’ complex scheduling, budgeting, and reporting requirements.
  • Comprehensive product training and onboarding provided to customers.
  • Customer discovery programme to gather client feedback, which drives our enhancements.

2. Modern, ever-improving UI

  • We typically make more than 100 user-facing improvements per year.
  • Drag and drop functionality to make assigning work quick and intuitive.
  • Search functionality to make finding engagements time efficient.

3. Complete visibility and transparency

  • Dayshape’s highly configurable reporting transforms talent, engagement, and financial data into powerful insight.
  • Complete visibility with Gantt chart view in Dayshape. Our optimal UI gives complete visibility over scheduling options.

4. Leading engagement economics

  • A complete picture of real-time and future engagement performance alongside scheduling.
  • Forecast financial performance before confirming schedules with real-time revenue projections.
  • Combine planning with a single view of resource availability against engagement & financial data.
  • Prevent overruns and write-offs by setting profitability controls and automated alerts.

5. Advanced, flexible AI

  • Deliver more efficient and profitable engagements.
  • Resource optimally, at scale.
  • Rapidly identify and deploy the best people for the job from across your resource pool.
  • Powerful, flexible AI, with modes that adapt to your requirements and maturity.

6. Retain and attract talent

  • Full integration with your skills database.
  • Take stock of your workforce’s expansive skills, qualifications, specialisms, and job preferences.
  • Combine planning with a single view of resource availability against engagement & financial data.
  • Over-utilization alerts are built into our Gantt. Protect your people from burnout.
  • Use the vast knowledge available to assign work based on career goals and aspirations.

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Innovate your business with AI-powered scheduling
Drive results through live engagement financials
Provide critical insights through powerful reporting

Professional services firms are experiencing unrivalled benefits from using Dayshape. Hear from our customers.

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