The intelligent, AI-powered Retain alternative

Optimize is the ultimate buzzword on software websites. But it’s the most accurate word to describe what Dayshape does. It’s literally in the name of our technology!

Our combinatorial optimization AI considers the big picture, so you can effectively allocate work, no matter how large or complex the need. If you’re scheduling projects one-by-one, in turn, you’re not making optimal decisions.  

Dayshape uniquely combines advanced AI-powered scheduling, real-time engagement financials, and automated budget creation and controls, making us the resource management solution of choice for growing, thriving firms. Take a look at our Dayshape vs Retain comparison.

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Dayshape vs Retain feature comparison

Features listed in the table are from publicly available information such as Retain’s website

Lead the way with next-level intelligent AI resource management

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Why customers choose Dayshape as an alternative to Retain

AI that’s more than just resource matching

  • Match and allocate the right work to the right person, across entire projects and teams at the same time, using as much or as little automation as you like.
  • Clarity on why were suggestions made, maintaining full control over the allocation decisions.
  • Use AI that’s combinatorial optimization, not machine learning. There’s no learning from poor behaviours here!
  • Save time, increase and balance utilization, optimally match skills to jobs, and meet performance targets – achieving your goals of profitability, client satisfaction, and talent retention.

Plans change. Adapt to this inevitability with support from real-time engagement economics

  • Empower resourcing teams to make profitable decisions by surfacing actuals and predicted engagement performance in the same place as the Gantt.
  • See the financial impact of scheduling decisions before confirming any plans or changes.
  • Rely on automated email alerts and in-system notifications to keep you informed of project performance risks.

Create budgets and monitor quality with configurable controls

  • Build budgets and requests directly in Dayshape (or import from another system); the only resource management solution with this flexible functionality.
  • Build configurable approval workflows to save time and deliver consistent engagement quality. Follow governance and quality controls (e.g., ISQM1) by adding restrictions to resources or ensuring sufficient partner coverage.

It’s your data, analyze it your way

  • Drill down on anything and everything. Build your own reports in Dayshape and export to data lakes or tools such as Power BI.
  • Focus on your job and let Dayshape automatically surface the talent, engagement, and financial reports you need.

Rely on continuous product investment that comes directly from your feedback

  • Benefit from our commitment to innovation with new releases every six weeks.
  • Experience continuous improvement as we reinvest a significant percentage of our annual turnover into product development.
  • Give feedback directly in our Customer Discovery Programme.

Looking for an alternative to Retain? Choose Dayshape’s AI-powered resource management solution

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