Innovate your business using AI-powered scheduling

Replace manual resource requests and avoid constant resource clashes.

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Optimal resource assignment

Find the best people for your engagements faster. Using suitability scoring you can match the right person with the right job fairly, based on configurable criteria such as availability, grade, location, or skills.

Firm-wide visibility

Remote and hybrid working has transformed how firms resource projects. Having firm-wide visibility of staff in one tool allows you to efficiently and flexibly plan across all engagements, improving utilisation and capacity planning. Whether you prefer centralised or decentralised resourcing; Dayshape gives you the flexibility to resource in a way that suits you.

Reliable utilisation data

Delivering top quality client engagements while allocating work evenly and maintaining work-life balance for your people is a challenge. Utilisation filters provide an instant view of how much work has been assigned to your resources so you can avoid staff burnout, manage capacity, identify skills shortages, and optimise profitability.

Clash resolution

Use filters and reports to identify clashes in the schedule, be alerted in real time if changes to a plan cause a conflict, and resolve them easily. Keep clients happy and profitability healthy by avoiding unexpected delays.

Webinar: Why automation is essential for resource management

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Resource scheduling – frequently asked questions

An engagement manager creates their resource plan by allocating the number of hours of work to be completed and specifying the grade, skills, and location of the resource needed to fulfil the work. A resource manager will then schedule resources onto the tasks based on these requirements. Resource scheduling software can reduce the admin burden on your team by allowing them to easily identify the best person for each task from the available pool of resources.

An intelligent resource management solution provides a number of specialised resource scheduling and engagement planning features that a standard practice management software cannot. To save valuable time during the scheduling process, AI-powered resource management software can be used to automatically identify and deploy the best people for the job, ensuring that skills, qualifications, availability, location, and all key criteria are accounted for. Automated project controls and alerts can also be used to speed up the process of resolving resource clashes or prevent them from happening in the first place.

Efficient resource scheduling is essential to maintain quality and profitability across engagements. The resource scheduling process should ensure that the resources with the skills, experience, and qualifications necessary are scheduled for the right task and at the right stage of the engagement. Automated resource scheduling software allows resource managers to easily adapt resource plans as the engagement progresses to keep performance on track. Live engagement financials and automated alerts also allow resource managers to see the impact of resource changes in real-time, giving them more visibility and control. Learn more about optimal resource allocation.

Best-match resource scheduling empowers resource managers to assign work fairly based on set criteria and availability, rather than favouritism, preference or recency bias. Using suitability scoring within Dayshape, resource managers can allocate the right individual to complete the work based on configurable criteria such as availability, grade, location, qualification, and skills. Learn more about automated resource allocation.

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