Provide critical insights through powerful reporting

Plan and forecast with confidence, and stay informed with push notifications.

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Configurable reports

Easily configure reports and drill into the information you need quickly. You can view reports in Dayshape, export them as a spreadsheet, and share the URL with colleagues to avoid duplication of effort. 

Pin reports to your dashboard

Stop wasting time spending hours every month wrangling with reporting. Save reports and pin your most used to your dashboard to easily re-run them as and when you need. 

Full audit trail

Full audit trails are available for every engagement so you can see who has made changes, and when. Engagements can be “rewound” to any time in the past, facilitating further analysis and continuous improvement.

Capacity planning and hiring needs

Availability planning reports enable you to understand current and future capacity in your firm, identify any skill shortages and inform the hiring of new staff. Having firm-wide visibility of staff grades and skills lets you schedule work nationwide or globally to facilitate hybrid working.

Webinar: How resource management software solves capacity planning challenges


Reporting & management information – frequently asked questions

Capacity planning is the process of determining the resources that a firm needs to meet changing demands for its services. In other words, how a firm plans to meet current and future client needs with their people’s skills and time. Capacity is a limited resource. And being aware of this limitation is essential to a firm’s success. Insufficient capacity can lead to overworked teams, poor retention and unhappy clients. By embracing AI-powered resource scheduling tools specifically built for optimising capacity planning, firms can maximize the value of their existing skills and resources.

Resource management software with automated capacity planning and reporting functionality makes it easier for firms to understand current and future resource requirements, and make more accurate capacity planning decisions. This insight provides engagement teams with a better understanding of capacity risks and a more realistic view of which areas they are over or under utilized. AI-powered capacity planning software also gives the option to expand beyond local resource assignment and drives efficiencies by looking at skills and availability at a nationwide and global level. This visibility allows for the creation of more effective, bigger-picture capacity planning strategies. Learn more about optimal capacity planning solutions.

In accounting, resource utilization measures the efficiency of resource usage. In other words, whether the people and skills, making up the core cost base of the firm, are being used to their full potential. If overall resource utilization is too low, a firm will be unable to make a positive return on their people’s time and expertise. On the other hand, if their workforce is over utilized, there is no spare capacity for additional work, leaving the firm unable to take advantage of new opportunities and employees at risk of burnout. Getting resource utilization right is essential to the success of any firm but maintaining the right balance alongside changing demands and capacity can be incredibly complex.

AI-powered resource management software can help make achieving optimal resource utilization easier. By having all of your resources in one scheduling software, firms have the option to expand beyond local resource assignment and look at skills, expertize, and availability at a nationwide and global level. Resource management software also provides in-depth reporting and utilization data to monitor and measure metrics on current and forecast utilization, as well as forecast accuracy. With this insight, your firm can quickly identify and report on resource utilization issues, make critical staffing decisions, and drive greater efficiencies. Learn how to improve your firm’s resource utilization

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