What makes Dayshape different?

When asked why our customers choose Dayshape over ProFinda, they often mention our enhanced engagement economics, the flexibility to adopt advanced technology at their own pace with adjustable levels of automation, skills tracking and management, highly configurable reporting, and unrivalled visibility on our Gantt.

Why chose Dayshape?

Dayshape is an industry-leading resource management solution built in collaboration with our professional service customers.

This is what sets our solution apart:

1. Market leading AI, built for efficiency at your own pace

  • The flexibility to adopt automation on your terms, fuelled by advanced skills tracking and management. Maintain full autonomy or switch between our two modes of advanced automation.
  • Source mode: Suggests resources to assign based on how well they match the job, using criteria such as availability, grade, location, and skills.
  • Solve mode: Let automation do the heavy lifting whilst maintaining control over whether to accept, reject, or adjust the proposed workforce plan.

2. Complete visibility – harness data to transform resourcing into a strategic advantage

  • Dayshape’s highly configurable reporting transforms talent, engagement, and financial data into powerful insight.
  • Complete visibility with Gantt chart view in Dayshape. Our optimal UI gives complete visibility over scheduling options.
  • Make faster, more informed decisions.

3. Advanced engagement economics to maximise revenue when making resourcing decisions

  • Dayshape provides a complete picture of real-time and future engagement performance alongside scheduling.
  • Forecast financial performance before confirming schedules with real-time revenue projections.
  • Gain a complete financial view by combining planning with a single view of resource availability against engagement & financial data.
  • Prevent overruns and write-offs by setting profitability controls and automated alerts.

4. Continuous investment, in partnership with our customers

  • New releases every 6 weeks to bring Dayshape innovation and customer-led enhancements to our product.
  • We re-invest a large percentage of our turnover back into our product, annually.
  • Customer discovery programme to gather client feedback, which drives our enhancements.

Want to see what Dayshape can do for your firm?

Watch our product videos to learn more about our purpose-built capabilities.

Innovate your business with AI-powered scheduling
Drive results through live engagement financials
Provide critical insights through powerful reporting

Professional services firms are experiencing unrivalled benefits from using Dayshape. Hear from our customers.

Still need more reason to chose Dayshape?

Evidence shared by the Big Four highlights that firms are experiencing staggering cost overruns in audit engagements of up to 50%, due to not having the right level of insight to deliver efficient, profitable, and high-quality engagements.

Download our guide on advanced engagement economics to learn how having access to impactful insights can shape performance improvements for firms and why Dayshape’s unique and advanced engagement economics feature make us the right partner to help you overcome engagement visibility and efficiency challenges.

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