The intelligent, AI-powered ProFinda alternative

People and their skills are the foundation of your firm, and they have a critical impact on performance. But they are only one piece of the resource management jigsaw…

A fundamental part of effective resource management is aligning work to people’s skills. ProFinda enhances the employee experience and matches people to project requirements through detailed skills taxonomy. Sounds good right? 

But that only solves one piece of the puzzle. Dayshape supports firms beyond skills-based staffing for mature resource management. This means you can achieve true workforce optimization; empowering your people while increasing profits and retaining customers.  

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Hitting the skills management sweet spot 

There’s a difference between having a skills database and having actionable skills data. Implementing skills databases and taxonomies is the easy part; the challenge is keeping them maintained. 

If practitioners don’t have time to update the tool, resource managers lose trust in it. They stop using it for resourcing decisions, so they don’t lose the trust of managers and partners. See the problem?  

Dayshape hits that sweet spot of storing useful skills, but not having so many that it becomes unmanageable.  

Resource matching? We’re the pioneers of AI-powered scheduling

Everything improves when you staff all unallocated work at the same time rather than project-by-project. Careers, utilization, retention, revenue… Everything.   

Dayshape proudly pioneered AI-assisted resource recommendations, so we know they’re useful. But allocating work across all projects at once is the only way you can truly optimize your workforce. 

With the ability to handle thousands of requests at once, Dayshape considers performance and skills criteria across engagements and large resource pools for optimal big-picture decisions. 

Resource management informed by real-time financial metrics

People are the main cost and revenue driver for your firm. Dayshape is the only tool where you can build budgets and staff them, in one place.  

ProFinda only focuses on two key metrics in real time (utilization and profitability). Dayshape is the only solution that links budgets and resourcing to help firms price and deliver profitable engagements. Integrations serve up live budgets vs. actuals alongside the Gantt, while automated alerts actively prevent poor performance. 

Why wouldn’t you allocate work with visibility of the financial impact of those decisions? It just makes sense. 


Dayshape vs ProFinda feature comparison

Dedicated solution for centralized, scalable, and strategic resource managementPrimarily focused on advanced skills and workforce management
Fully optimized, big-picture, bulk allocation of work across thousands of jobs at onceSuitability recommendations only, and only for one project at a time leading to sub-optimal decisions and re-work
Bigger-picture scheduling with a complete view of resource availability and utilizationLimited visualization of scheduling options within the Gantt view
Each resource given a score on suitability for the selected job – all scores shown on Gantt viewEach resource given a score on suitability for the selected job – must drill down into resource profile for score
Proven (10 years+!) AI optimal matching engine that can automatically allocate work if desiredUser cannot automate scheduling and is dependent on the skills profile to seek availability and skills updates
Skills and talent retention
Integrate with external skills database or build in DayshapeComplete skills database
Comprehensive and fully configurable taxonomy in DayshapeChallenges in allocating skills where keywords might be used or where there are blank fields
Utilization alerts ensure that staff are protected from burnoutNo utilization alert information available on website
2D Gantt view of firm-wide resources for demand and supply visibility, and capacity planning3D view of total talent supply chain, but only when drilling into a single engagement resource request
Engagement economics
The only solution with real-time engagement economics and utilization in the same place as the Gantt, enabling strategic resourcing decisionsTwo metrics; utilization and profitability, no profitability controls or alerts and financials can’t be viewed alongside scheduling
Project demand and controls
Build and approve budgets and demandNo budget or demand creation functionality
Automated alerts to notify when project performance is at riskNo alerts
Fully configurableWorkflow tailoring limited to service lines or business units
Report on anything and everything with options to exportLimited reporting and analytics with no option to configure or export
User experience
Superior Gantt user experience for flexibility and ease of useWell designed user interface for skills

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