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Save time and steps with new Gantt, Booking, and Profile features

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One of our core company values is ‘ever-improving’. For our customers, this means consistently delivering new features designed to help them boost profitability, improve client service, and make their teams happy.  

We went live with a plethora of new features in our latest May 2020 release. We’re sharing release highlights with the world because we’re big on shared learning, and we like a bit of fanfare for the stuff we’re proud of! 🎺

Gantt dragging (not a drag!)

Most of our users live in our Gantt: it’s how everyone from practitioners to partners can see their work at a glance.  This goes double for those scheduling and managing engagements.  So every little counts in making it as quick, easy, and intuitive to use the Gantt to adapt to the usual (and unusual) disruptions of every day work-life. 

Based on customer feedback and our own user experience goals, in this release, we’ve updated the way our Gantt tasks behave.  Now, when users grab a task, the task never leaves the mouse cursor.  And if you drag a task over an area of non-working time, which would require the size of the task to be extended, you’ll get a preview (check it out towards the end of the gif) before you drop the task.


Booking with two (or more) hats on 

For more than a few of our customers, ‘resource manager’ and ‘engagement manager’ can land on the same heads. These users both request resources (aka people), and have to find and assign the people to complete the work.

To make life easier, faster, and more productive for these folks, we’ve added a way to link directly from an engagement details page (aka where you’d make a request) directly to the Gantt, with the unassigned booking panel (aka where you’d find and assign) pre-filtered to that engagement.

When the new link is clicked, you’ll be taken directly to the main Gantt, with the unassigned tasks for that engagement showing in the unassigned booking pane (depending on user’s access rights).

Your Profile page: making it personal

This is a shiny new section, giving all of our users a more personal experience. Users can adjust the stuff that’s really important to how they work.  It’s super simple on purpose:

This is now a one-stop-shop for users, with clear visibility of user groups and access rights.  Plus, regional customisation options for things like time zone, date, and time format preferences.   Sometimes it’s the little stuff that can make a big difference.

More user customisation options, including notification preferences, are on the way in future releases.

Tune in for more exciting feature release highlights as they land in our Resources pages!

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